Business Law

You know business

Over many years as attorneys, we’ve represented scores of businesses; we know what you’re up against. We look to ensure that you’re protected and ready for growth, no matter what. We’d appreciate the opportunity to be part of your war council. We think of it as offense and defense; with us at your back, we want you loaded for action and unassailable.

We work by listening carefully to your concerns, identifying known risks as well as unknown, and quickly articulating key tasks. We partner with you to focus on what will strengthen your business. We’ll make sure that you have the contracts and other documents you need to stay out of trouble; and if you’re facing trouble, we’ll find the fastest route to the safest ground.

We will assist you with starting a new business on a winning track. If your business is already in operation, we’re well equipped to handle negotiations, due diligence, and every aspect of executing an enterprise: starting, merging or purchasing, operating, or exiting. We will help you choose strategies and tactics, and we can execute – whatever you need for winning outcomes.

If there is a dispute to be reckoned with, our focus will be on avoiding the courtroom. We know the costs and human toll that a lawsuit can have on a business, and will help you achieve your result without going to court, if possible. However, we also know that sometimes a court battle is the only viable option to achieve the result you need. In that case, our trained litigators are ready to step up and fight to win, managing the process to minimize the cost of your case and the impact on your business.