How We Work

We’re a business firm

We understand that, for businesspeople, it’s all about ROI.

We are often contacted to address a particular issue or problem. We provide defensive strategies and tactics to solve the problem. We would appreciate the opportunity to review your offensive strategies and tactics as well as playing defense. Our professionals can help minimize your exposure and avoid any unpleasant surprises by removing unnecessary risks, and ensuring that you’re able to keep generating more value for your business.

We begin by identifying a set of achievable results that would have your enterprise in optimal condition, enabling you to make informed choices about where to invest. We can establish a budget and work within it. We bill only for value delivered.

Whatever challenge you are facing, we will develop strategy and tactics for best-case ROI. We can work closely with you to resolve the matter, taking as much as possible off your hands so that you can focus on your business; or if you prefer, we will facilitate and guide you to address the problem on your own.

We know that you want ROI when you hire a professional. That is what we deliver.

Customer service

We view service as about action, not talk. We are driven by a commitment to the success of your business.

We return phone calls promptly. We won’t be satisfied unless you feel like we have your back.

We listen carefully to your concerns, help establish your challenges and requirements quickly, and own the solution.

If we don’t believe we’re the right law firm for your needs, we’ll quickly refer you to a better fit.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We’re in the business of driving our clients’ success.

We’ve got a bit of entrepreneur in our DNA, too. We love the work, and bring our joy and spirit to solving challenges every day.

We intend that spirit to be infectious.


We understand that the world of business can be rough and tumble, and sometimes presents temptations and difficult choices. We choose to lead with character, honesty, and a passion for the truth.

Our choice is simple: we will not work with clients, attorneys, or anyone else who are willing to cross ethical boundaries.

Legal services are expensive; we partner with you to get the best bang for every buck. While no lawyer can promise a perfect result every time, we take care of your legal dollar in 3 ways:

  • We do not waste time.
    We explore achievable results with you, and once established, we go after them.
    Nothing more.
  • We bill only for value that we add.
    Nothing else.
  • Our rates are lower.
    Though our lawyers are highly seasoned and specialized, our contractor model enables us to provide top tier legal service in every respect except the price.

We take pride in producing service of a quality that can compete anywhere, at prices that give our clients competitive advantage.