The Contractor Model

The Contractor Model is a new virtual concept of a law firm

Unlike other firms, that hire lawyers as employees, we draw our talent from the multitude of lawyers who have chosen to work in private practice outside of the traditional law firm model. Our lawyers work for us as contractors, and only work on projects where their expertise is required. As a result, we do not carry overhead on attorneys; we engage them only as needed, and we pass the savings along to our clients.

Lawyers in our network are graduates of top law schools, have years of training and experience at a large law firms, and are now on their own. While we are always on the lookout for new talent, most of our lawyers have worked with Miller Business Law regularly for several years.

We greatly admire the work of large, premium law firms, but we don’t admire their rates. Our model is geared to enable clients’ businesses to grow. We carry very little overhead. It’s no secret that law firms typically have fancy offices and substantial staff. Our lawyers work independently, in their own offices.

Everyone benefits.

Clients get excellent work at lower rates. We select the best talent for each project – and if we don’t have that specialty in our stable, we know how to find it. We focus on results, matching experts to projects with no pressure to meet ‘billable hours’ requirements.