Is your business both protected from unforeseen challenges and prepared to take advantage of opportunities?

Are you playing both offense and defense?

We are attorneys, and we are also business people. Minimizing exposure is essential, but defense alone will not generate growth. We’d like to see you in good condition for a fast-changing world:

  • To operate with minimal risk
  • To foster superior working relationships
  • To appear unassailable to prospective opponents
  • To grow and to exit, favorably and seamlessly

Your job is to create value in your business; our job is to make sure you can. We know commerce, and we play to win.

We take pride in producing service of a quality that can compete anywhere, at prices that give our clients competitive advantage. We know that providing good value on your legal dollar is what builds our reputation.

With big-firm national and international experience, we’ve seen what businesses encounter. We can help ensure that you’re strong: ready for a tough business world. With us at your back, you, your employees, and your strategic partners can prosper together: business can flow, and fighting with you won’t look like a good idea.